The Republic of China Marine Corps is the amphibious arm of the Republic of China Navy responsible for amphibious combat, counter-landing and reinforcement of the main island of Taiwan, remote islands, defense of ROCN facilities, and also functions as a rapid reaction force and a strategic reserve.

Republic of China Marine Corps Organization

  • Marine Corps Command: Marine Corps Command is subordinate to Navy GHQ, the General Staff, the Minister of Defense, and the ROC President.
    • Brigades (formerly divisions)
      • 66th Marine Brigade (先鋒 (Pioneer), Taipei area, receiving M60A3TTS to replace M41 tanks)
      • 77th Marine Brigade (鐵衛 (Iron Guardian), Garrison brigade, CCK and other area all over Taiwan)
      • 99th Marine Brigade (鐵軍 (Iron Force), Kaohsiung
    • Groups
      • Amphibious Armor Group
        • 4 Amphibious Transport Squadrons, 24+ tracks per squadron. 1st(AAV-7), 2nd(AAV-7), 3rd(LVT-5), 4th(LVT-5).
        • 2 Amphibious Artillery Squadrons(mortars), 1st(LVT-5) and 2nd(LVT-5).
      • Amphibious Reconnaissance Group (over half of the 600 troops of this battalion are aboriginal Taiwanese)
      • Combat Support Group(combined formerly the Beach Logistics Group and the Communications, Information, and Electronic Warfare Group)
    • Wuchiu Garrison Command
    • Tri-Service Joint Combat Training Base
    • Corps HQ Battalion

Amphibious Reconnaissance Group: nicknamed "Frogmen" and regarded as the ROC Military's counterpart to US Navy SEALs

Republic of China Marine CorpsHi story

The Republic of China Marine Corps were formed from the former Navy Sentry Corps in December 1914. In 2004, the ROCMC redeployed a brigade near the Taipei area to defend against a possible PRC decapitation strike.

The Republic of China Marine Corps used to be 2 divisions, 66th and 99th divisions, in size, when its doctrine focused on retaking mainland China. Since its transition to a defensive posture, the ROCMC has been downsized.

The ROC Marine Corps' official motto is "永遠忠誠" (Always Faithful), modeled after the USMC's "Semper Fidelis".

Republic of China Marine Corps Equipment

Type Make/Model Origin
Tanks M60A3 TTS United States
Tanks M41 Walker Bulldog United States
Armored fighting vehicles AAV-P7A1 amphibious assault vehicles United States 54
Armored fighting vehicles LVPT5A1 amphibious assault vehicles United States 84
Armored fighting vehicles CM-25 AFV(CM-21 with 1 x TOW launcher) Republic of China
Artillery M101 howitzer United States
Artillery M109 howitzer United States
Anti-Tank BGM-71 TOW-2A/B United States
Anti-Tank MK-153 SMAW United States
Anti-Tank FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile United States
Anti-Tank M40A1 recoilless rifle United States
SAM Stinger DMS(Dual Mount Stinger) United States
SAM MIM-72/M48 Chaparral locally upgraded FLIR by CSIST United States
Helicopters Hughes OH-6 Cayuse 500 Defender United States 6
Assault Rifle T65K2 assault rifle Republic of China
Assault Rifle T91 combat rifle Republic of China
Squad Automatic Weapon T75 squad machinegun Republic of China
Sniper Rifle SSG-2000 Switzerland
Sniper Rifle T93 Republic of China